Crocodile Spectators: Aggressive

Crocodile Spectators: Aggressive


Shoes: Mezlan (Spain)

Crocodile leather is something of elegance and luxury.  It should also be used sparingly in ones wardrobe, as it is only appropriate for certain people in certain places.  That aside, I could not help but take pictures of these shoes (Mezlan Duncan’s, $725 retail) when I saw them at Saks Fifth Avenue the other day.  Croc leather spectators (spectators are shoes with 2 difference colors on the same shoe, often the 2 colors are of different texture which is not the case in this instance)… it takes some serious balls to produce something like this.  To wear them takes even more.  I imagine the types only people wearing these will be people with much more money than sense of style, these men will make the shoes look gauty, crass, trashy and cheap.  But there will also be those who have an extremely tuned and heightened sense of style, these would be hard to pull off in good taste but if done so then they will look phenomenal .  Either way, enjoy the shoe porn.

From the other side now
Note the leather rolls at the end of the laces, elegance in the details.