Fashion Week Pt I

Fashion Week Pt I


There will be a few posts regarding New York Fashion Week.  This set of photos will focus on the entire ensemble a man puts together, I will follow up with one that focuses on individual aspects of a mans ensemble such as shoes, bags or jackets.  Although ‘Fashion’ is not exactly the game that FYG plays, it is as both business and art, an interesting endeavor.  However, there are some well dressed gents around the events of Fashion Week.  But then there are also some poorly dressed ones.  Don’t worry, you’ll know where I stand…  All of these pictures were taken Friday September 9th at the Nautica men’s show, inside the Fashion Week tent or outside of it.

This is Dandy Wellington, a musician and stylist based in NYC. A gent who seems to represent the lost days of old, at least in his style. Which I shall say is nearly impeccable in this picture. I do love how everything in the picture is in motion, except for Mr. Wellington. Symbolic? I think so.
This guy is keeping a strictly monochromatic black look until you get up to the neckline. The stiff white collar and red rose as a tie do well draw attention to the face. I have never seen this flower as a tie business before, but I do like it, for the right man at the right time. And it does work for this gentleman at that time.
Everything is great until you get to the shoes. Patent leather does not work without black or white tie.
Of Note: Although not pictured, I imagine copious amount of drugs influenced the minds of those who choose to wear these outfits. And that's all I'll say about that...
Of Note: well fitted suit, broach pin, peak lapels, no break hem on pants. The shoes and bag are questionable.
This is a very interesting (and by interesting I mean non traditional and not to my liking) take on a double breasted three piece suit. Nonetheless, this kid wears it very well, most of us would not.
Of Note: Seersucker, boat shoes, orange bowlers hat. Classic
Of Note: simple color palate (which I like), leopard print drivers that can only go with a simple color palate (not so sure I like).
This was the second time I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Patrick McDonald (aka Dandy, The Dandy, New York Dandy). I would not wear most of what Mr. McDonald does, but I do like and respect his style. The hat is badass though. He knows the rules regarding men's dress, and he breaks most of them. Well done Mr. McDonald.