Randoms From Fashion’s Night Out

Randoms From Fashion’s Night Out


Last night New York was abound with hordes of well dressed men and women.  None other than Anna Wintour’s brainchild Fashion’s Night Out could justify such excess.  The uptown scene was far favorable to the immature masses congregating down in Soho.  It reminded me a bit of Broad Street in Philadelphia right after the Phillies won the world series; that was a hell of a night.  Whereas then people were celebrating the epic gloriousness of a great team and great city.  Last night people were mostly just loitering; in Soho at least.  Worse even, it was so bad that I saw a car come out of a huge mass of people just north of Houston, the windshield smashed and caved in at parts; I could hear the driver cursing from inside his vehicle.  I pray that said mass did not cause this damage, however, my better judgement tells me it did.  My suspicion is only furthered by the division of NYPD who swarmed the scene after.  Why so senseless?  That is not fashion, that is poor form.

But luckily, there were some saving graces, a few of which pictured below (including myself and our friend from the Polo match earlier in the summer).  The soda can tab jacket is of particular interest.  Do enjoy.