Light At The End Of The (Subway) Tunnel

Light At The End Of The (Subway) Tunnel


A Finely Dressed Gent

I noticed this gentleman on the train home today.  He was fully Prepped out, which is always nice to see in the city.  I envied him, for he was in seersuckers and I in a suit.  It cannot be seen from the picture but his shirt has a light check pattern which was a twist on the normally solid shirting that most pair with seersuckers.  The watch band is a nice touch and the rolled sleeves are crucial.  I believe his belt has sailboats on it and yes, I also believe his glasses are Clubmasters.   His Topsiders are great, brown with a thick wool tartan lining around the edge.  Because of the thick wool I judge them to be more fall/winter instead of summer shoes.  My favourite part of his ensemble is his bag which unfortunately cannot be seen.  The bag is brown with embroidered foxes on it.  Plain, simple and preppy; the way it should be.