Things I Wear, V

Things I Wear, V


Suit: Robert Talbot Carmel. Tie: Brooks Brothers. Shoes: Alden. Shirt: Brooks Brothers. Lax is 90% flow.

I opted for a very American and very conservative look today, nothing exciting.  A solid charcoal suit and a white dress shirt are about as conservative as it gets.  The full wingtips are not the most formal shoe but they still keep things strictly business.  The repp tie is another conservative choice, an American classic.  Although it can’t be fully seen here the shoulders have minimal padding, which is the de rigeur of a classically styled American jacket, a look and style that I love.  Sometimes simplicity is best.

Now I just need to figure out a better system for taking pictures of myself, this low angle stuff simply does not cut it.  And stay tuned tomorrow, I plan to post up an absolutely scathing review of a certain brand that has been infuriating me as of late.