Things I Wear, VI

Things I Wear, VI


Suit: My.Suit. Shoes: Septieme Largeur. Tie: Battistoni. Pocket Square: Brioni. Shirt: Brooks Brothers.

I finally got my suit from My.Suit back today, I took it back twice for minor adjustments.  I should mention that My.Suit foots the bill for any alterations, not bad.  The fit feels and looks quite good.

As soon as I saw the tie in the store I knew I had to have it, so I bought it.  It is a gray and blue herringbone wool tie, it is about a quarter of an inch narrower than I like my ties to be but I was willing to make an exception on the account of how great the fabric is.  I think it is the highlight of what you see of this ensemble, but the real highlight are the burgundy skull and cross bone suspenders that you can’t see.