Things I Wear, XI

Things I Wear, XI


Shirt: Ralph Lauren. Belt: Brooks Brothers. Belt Buckle: Wayne Jewelers. Pants: Kirkland Signature. Shoes: Allen Edmunds.

Business casual, simple enough, right?  Well, sometimes.  Anyway, it was nearly 60 degrees in NYC yesterday so I decided a bit of spring flare was vital to my day’s success.  Which led way to light brown wingtips and a strong pink striped dress shirt.  And I know what your thinking, Kirkland Signature?  It’s the Costco house brand.  Well, they are actually quality pants and a great deal.  I’ll speak more on this in the near future though.




  1. Totally agree re Kirkland Signature pants, which I have in my closet. Unlike some of the designer merchandise sold at Costco, which often is not the same quality as the same brands sold in department stores, Costco’s private label actually stacks up. (Some of the Kirkland non-iron button-downs aren’t bad either for $18, although “non-iron” really only applies to the first 5 washes or so.)

  2. I would never have thought to look for dress pants at Costco. The Ralph Lauren henleys I bought for my husband at Costco has survived a few years and many washes. Thanks for the tip