Suits: Indochino Travelling Tailor Coming To NYC

Suits: Indochino Travelling Tailor Coming To NYC


A few months back I reviewed a suit from Indochino, I concluded that Indochino is the king of the sub $400 made to measure suit.  In my time talking to the gents over at Indochino they said they were working on some form of a pop up shop where they would offer fittings.  I thought it was a great idea, as I think the primary difficulty for any online made to measure operation, and the reason why many gents will not touch the business model, is the difficulty in getting accurate measurements.  Well, alas, Indochino’s traveling tailors are coming to NYC.

Indochino is taking over part of our beloved Grand Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall to be exact, for the week of October 22-29.  They will be there from 8am-8pm everyday.  They will have fabric samples for suits, shirts and outerwear as well as try on pieces.  I think I may be most excited to see the outerwear and burgundy herringbone fabric samples.  I suggest you book your appointment sooner rather than later.  I’ll be on scene at times throughout the week and will be more than willing to offer and insight and/or advice to any of my readers.  You can follow the chatter on Twitter via #SuitUpNY.  Or, if you have any questions or comments in the meantime sound off below or send me an email (


Justin L Jeffers


  1. I highly recommend attending the traveling tailor to anyone who is considering purchasing an Indochino suit. Shortly after reading Justin’s review of Indochino, the company had a similar traveling tailor event at Union Station in Chicago at which I ordered a navy pinstripe suit (they also threw in a free custom shirt, pocket square, tie clip, tie, and cuff links). The suit arrived less than 3 weeks later and needed only slight alternations to the sleeve length. I’m extremely happy with the suit and received many compliments on the fit when I wore it to a wedding a few weeks ago.

    • Matt,
      Thank you for your thoughts, and great to hear about the suit. I am quite excited about the event. I think it will provide a good medium for guys to become more comfortable with Indochino and made to measure suiting as a whole.