Made To Measure Suiting: Indochino Review, III

Made To Measure Suiting: Indochino Review, III


Note:  This is the first review on FYGblog on Indochino.  Since its publication, I have posted two other reviews of the brand, please refer to the most recent for more appropriate and timely thoughts.

This is a long time coming, overdue in fact; but it is time to wrap up the Indochino series of posts.  In summary of the first two Indochino review posts (here and here) I have been pretty happy with the experience so far.  We had to do a remake of the suit, which obviously was not ideal; but tolerable.  The original pants fit pretty well, however, there were issues with the jacket that could not be fixed by means of simple alterations.  I should note that the remake process was quite easy.  Out of the box I was pretty happy with the fit of the new suit, however, a few alterations were made.  Namely, the sides of the jacket brought in a little and the thighs of the pants let out a little.  But let’s take a closer look at things.

Indochino Review front
Looking at the fit from the front I am quite happy.  A good shape in the chest and a nice line in the pants.  I may lengthen the sleeves about 1/4″.  The shoulders a a bit wide, about 1/4″ on each side.  Unfortunately, the person I had take my measurements was an amateur…  On the topic of shoulders, there is not much padding, which for me is ideal.
indochino review suit side
Nice form from the side.  Sleeves are still a bit shirt, as a result of my measurements.  The seat is covered adequately, which is a must.
indochino review suit rear
A nice shape from the back as well, you can still see how the shoulders are a bit wide.  Nevertheless, a nice ‘V’ through the back.  Note the bunching under the collar, I believe that is a result of how I was standing in this picture.  Note the bunching in the lower back, I had the same problem with my My.Suit suit.  I believe this is a result of my posture and back shape.
Indochino review inside jacket
Things are kept clean on the inside of the jacket.  As they should be.  Note the sweat guards by the armhole, a must on any jacket.
indochino review armhole
I am no expert on stitching and construction but the stitching around the armhole appears to be done by hand, which is an advantage as it allows for more flexibility and movement.
This is the type of stitching you want between the bottom of the lining and the jacket.  Notice how it allows the lining to move ever so slightly since it is not fully fixed in place.
indochino review boutonniere
Clean on the front side.  However, a keyhole shaped boutonniere is not preferable in the least.
indochino review button hole
Buttonhole stitching is done by machine.  It is clean and on par for what one would expect for a suit in this price range.
indochino review sleeve buttons
I will say the same for the sleeve button holes.  One of my main critiques of the Indochino suit are the buttons.  They were real bullhorn and had ‘Indochino’ emblazoned on the edge of them.  I replaced them with logo-less horn buttons and things are looking much better now.  The other critique here is the spacing of the buttons, I prefer stacked buttons.  But that is really a matter of preference.
Again, clean on the front side.  However, I do wish they had an option for an extended slide tab, not just button closure.
indochino review side tab
The pockets look clean.  I like how there is an option for side tabs, however, I am of the belief they should be on the waistband.  Note how there is some tearing in the seam holding the side tab.  Not good.  Luckily, the pants will almost always be worn with a jacket.  The pants are half lined.

In conclusion I am happy with my Indochino suit and would recommend the brand.  However, I would only recommend the ‘Essentials’ collection; which is ever expanding.  I think this is where the best value is, as I do not know of any other internet or brick and mortar establishment that produces made to measure suits for $400.  But I do not think the quality of construction merits a purchase of a $600+ suit.  Another thing I would like to note is if you are getting your first suit from Indochino allow at least 8 weeks of lead time; in case a remake is needed; once you have your fit down after the first suit remakes should not be an issue.  With this all said, if your budget is $400, Indochino should be your go-to.


Note: FYGblog did receive material compensation from Indochino.  However, as has been discussed an unbiased view has been taken on its products.



  1. Nice review. I have this same suit, though in 2-button. I have to check when I get home, but I recall my cuff buttons kissing more.

    Thanks again for the detailed review!

  2. I am planning on getting two MTM suits and wanted to know if it would be advisable to use the measurements from to for indochino order. Or should I just get remeasured?

    • Hendrix,
      In the past I have always used measurements from one tailor as a starting point for another tailor. I then remeasure (or have myself remeasured) to check for any differences. I also remeasure because sometimes different brands have different ways of taking measurements, or had different measurements altogether. I would also be wary of Indochino.

  3. Hello,

    I am looking for the buckles of the side tab adjusters. My tailor does not have nice options. Where can I buy these? Thank you!