Made To Measure Suiting, Mr Neds Pt II

Made To Measure Suiting, Mr Neds Pt II


There is something somewhat romantic about having a suit made for you.  From the first donning of the jacket at the muslin fitting (as seen in the first post in this series) to the first time the final suit put on.  This romanticism is largely what drew me to Mr. Neds.  It is not a type of feeling you get with any of the online made to measure ateliers, or with traveling tailors.  Each of those experiences evokes a different set of feelings and emotions.  This romanticism I quite like.

Following the initial jacket fitting, which was akin to a muslin fitting, I met with Mr Neds for four more fittings.  The below pictures are from the second fitting, at which the sleeves were attached to the jacket so I could really get an idea as to how the suit was going to look on me. I could tell how more shoulder padding was added to the left shoulder to compensate for it being lower than the right.  This was something I had not experienced before with my other suit endeavors; things like that make the whole experience more personal.  Ideally, it would create a better fitting suit.  At the subsequent 3 fittings the fit of the back, chest, sleeves and shoulders were all tweaked.  However, as you can see, the fit as is is pretty good from an aesthetic standpoint.  The feel to the jacket was also quite comfortable.  We will cover the final fit and the details in the final post in this series.

Note: At the end of my first post in this series I mentioned how the threading on the pants and jacket was a color that was noticeably darker than that of the suit fabric.  Something I had an issue with.  In the pictures in this post there is still the darker threading.  Luckily, Mr Neds and yours truly were able to resolve the issue and replace the threading with a lighter color that does not disrupt the visual continuity of the jacket.  The final post will discuss the process and show pictures of the result.

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  1. Thanks for the follow-up on Mr. Ned. I was thinking of using them for a jacket and was disappointed that things didn’t seem to work out with the off-color stitching. And thanks for a superb, thoughtful blog. One thing though, haircut.

    • TM,

      Welcome, glad the review has been able to help and thank you for the kind words. Yes, thankfully the stitching issue was resolved. If you do decide to go ahead on the jacket know that Vahram does a boxy cut, if you want something more fitted your going to have to push back a little bit and have a good idea of what you want. That picture was from a few months ago, I have since gotten a haircut; but man, you guys are really ripping on my hair the last few days.


  2. Nice suit. It looks very similar to a ralph lauren black label. The shoulders, button point, the long v shape…very nice.

  3. Old post….I know, but good looking suit nonetheless.

    I think it’s worth pointing out however that the product Mr. Ned puts out is truly a bespoke suit and really shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as the MTM tailors regardless of price.

    Also, haircut.

  4. It looks as though you have a low right shoulder, which is causing the right lapel to pull away from your chest a bit. Is that just a matter of how you are standing? Did you look into having this corrected?

    • B,
      Yes my right shoulder is a little lower. Neds ended up adding more padding in the shoulder and frankly it does not look great, it looks boxy. I never did the third post in the series because I was not happy with the final product. I do plan to finish it at some point, probably when the spring season rolls around again and I wear the suit.