Made To Measure Suiting: My Tailor, Pt I

Made To Measure Suiting: My Tailor, Pt I


Mr. Hemrajani’s unlined jacket

In my ever increasing quest to find quality made to measure suits I have dealt with almost as many business models as companies.  However, until this point each of the companies I have dealt with have been of the newer breed of made to measure shops (Alton Lane, Black Lapel, Indochino and My.Suit).  Enter My Tailor.  My Tailor is a more traditional operation, over the past few decades it has built its business on quality and value.  It has also built its business as being a traveling tailor, not an online or brick and mortar operation.  Which for my purposes matters little, as I am focused on building a long term relationship.  I would not qualify My Tailor as a bespoke maker, but certainly a step above made to measure; although I should note that all of my requests have been met.

Unlike my fittings with other suit makers there was no store to go to, or videos to watch to have someone else take my measurements.  As a traveling tailor My Tailor operates primarily out of hotels, which to my knowledge is the norm for traveling tailors.  I met Joe Hemrajani of My Tailor at the Millenium Hilton, Mr. Hemrajani is one of the owners and has more years experience as a tailor and salesman that I have years in my age.  Needless to say, I took any advice he gave me to heart.  Upon completing the necessary measurements for a shirt, jacket and pants we discussed various fabrics and styles.  I ended up ordering a shirt and a suit; for the purposes of this and subsequent posts in this series I will only discuss the suit, the shirt will be discussed in a separate series.

Part of the selection of swatch books

At first I was overwhelmed with all of the swatch books.  I was like a kid at Disney World for the first time.  Once I got past the initial shock I was able to hone in on what I wanted.  With the guidance of Mr. Hemrajani I was able to find a few fresco weaves that I liked.  I gravitated toward a fresco because I wanted a summer suit.  Particularly one with a more open weave which would allow for maximum breathability as well as a nice texture for added visual interest.  Fresco was a natural fit for my criteria, as it fulfills both requirements.   I originally settled on a just lighter than navy shade of blue fresco by Vitale Barberis Canonico.  However, at a second visit I settled on a mohair/wool blend navy fresco from Holland & Sherry’s English Mohair book ($1,099).  For the cut of the suit Mr. Hemrajani and I settled on something a little less form fitting than my My.Suit suit.  The jacket is of somewhat unique for a suit jacket; 1 button, peak lapels, straight flap pockets, side vents and unlined.  For the pants I opted largely for normal set up; suspender buttons, flat front, cuffs, slanted pockets and two rear pockets.  The jacket was the same as what Mr. Hemrajani was wearing the first time I met with him, I quite liked it and thought it would work well on me.  But I do realize that it is sometimes hard to pull of a jacket of such unique attributes.  Really, the only downside has been the delivery time, which is roughly eight weeks.  Which is longer than other companies I have worked with.  However, I am hoping that this will be offset by the quality and value of My Tailor’s products.  But when a gentleman properly plans out his wardrobe acquisitions this time is of minimal issue.  In this instance it is ideal to buy for the opposite or at the least, the coming season.  But that is a topic for another time.  In the next post in this series I will discuss the fit and construction of the suit.

My selected mohair/wool fresco


Note: FYGblog did receive material compensation in the form of finished goods in the process of writing this series of posts. 


  1. Glad to finally see this post (a week late on my part), and I look forward to the next!

    Though I just ordered a shirt that day, I had Mr. Hemrejani take all of my measurements to accommodate a possible blazer or suit in the future.

  2. Just received (7/29/15) a quarter-lined navy, summer-weight blazer by Hemrajani ordered six weeks ago. Very pleased with the fit and workmanship. Only issue is that sleeves are too long, a detail easily rectified.

    The order was taken by Mr. Sam, Hemrajani’s traveling representative in southeast Florida. He took a great deal of time taking my measurements, which at a late stage in my life are notably rotund around the middle. He nailed it! The jacket fits comfortably but still manages to appear slimming. I couldn’t expect more from made-to-measure. At a delivered price of $849, I consider the purchase a bargain.