Made To Measure Suiting Update

Made To Measure Suiting Update


In case you have been wondering why the progress on the Made To Measure Suiting Battle Royale has been progressing rather slowly I would like to pass along an update.  But first I apologize for the delays in finishing this series of posts.  The delays are mainly a result of two things.  The first is that my time has been limited as of late, courtesy of increasing demands from my real job.  The suiting posts take much longer to write than a majority of the other posts do.  The second reason is that the suit had to be remade at both Alton Lane and Indochino.  The sleeves were far to short on the former, something that cannot be fixed by tailor, but this should not have happened in the first place given someone from Alton Lane took the measurements.  On the latter the sleeves were too long, which I think was my fault, and the chest was too large which may not have been my fault.  Both of which could have been fixed by a tailor but Indochino and I agreed that it could be a useful for purposes of FYGblog to go through the remake process.  At this point I am still waiting on the remade suits back from both Alton Lane and Indochino.  In the meantime please feel free to browse through prior posts in the series (My.Suit I and II, Indochino I and Alton Lane I).

Once the remade suits come in I can post up the second post for each of the Alton Lane and Indochino series.  Following those posts I will post up a third post for each maker focusing on the construction and quality of each suit.




    • Lindsay,
      Yes I know he did, unfortunate. Luckily my dealings with Indochino have gone very well thus far.

      Twitter is NOT my strongpoint, but I’m working on it… babysteps. Hope all is well.