That Tweed Prince Of Wales Plaid Suit

That Tweed Prince Of Wales Plaid Suit

tweed prince of wales 3 piece suit

If you all have not caught on yet, I often have a thing for some rather aggressive patterns and fabrics; especially in aggressive configurations.  Think Lilly Pulitzer vests and double breasted windowpane suits.  So going into my last visit with Joe from Bros I decided I wanted to get something in tweed, preferably a plaid.

Little did I expect to find something so fit for the bill.  So bold and yet still tasteful.  So much a country/suburb fabric, but still wearable in the city if needed (or if I so desired).  And in colors that fit me.

tweed prince of wales 3 piece suit

What I found was this magnificent Prince of Wales plaid from Porter & Harding’s Glenroyal collection (430gms).  Joe and I decided to really push things and make the suit a three piece.  At Joe’s insistence we went for the double breasted vest with the keystone buttoning stance and angled bottom.  It is most certainly a vest style more at home with a city or business suit.  But I think it looks very nice here, but I may be biased.  I also opted for double forward pleats with a high English back and cuffs for the pants; which I think is a pretty traditional look.

tweed prince of wales 3 piece suit

I realize that most men would not wear this suit, with or without the vest.  It is simply too bold for most.  Perhaps more fitting for an odd jacket for some of you.  But regardless of what format you wear a fabric like this in it has to be done confidently, it has to fit and the rest of the ensemble has to pair well with it.  Because of the gravity of the fabric it will be the center point of any ensemble, it will simply overpower whatever it is near.

I have found the most success with mating the suit with a gingham shirt and solid tie.  In fact, I have only worn the suit with a solid tie; it really serves to ground the Prince of Wales plaid of the suit.  It’s that stability in an unstable world type of thing.  It’s good to have that sometimes.

tweed prince of wales 3 piece suit
Suit: MyTailor.  Shirt: Brooks Brothers.  Tie: Chipp2.  Pocket Square: Fine and Dandy Shop.  Suspenders: Albert Thurston.  Shoes: Meermin.  Socks: Mazarin.  Sunglasses: Warby Parker.



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  1. Oh my god, you have a ponytail? How dare you be such an insufferable snob with that thing in your hair? Get a man’s haircut.

  2. Personally your pants are very loose–got to keep them tapering and European. Plus they’re puddling on your shoes–shorter is nice, show some socks. And show some cuff man. I’m assuming this suit is bespoke; its criminal to have such long sleeves.

    😛 Other than that, excellent suit.