New Crop Of Lilly Pulitzer Suspenders

New Crop Of Lilly Pulitzer Suspenders

preppy lilly pulitzer suspenders

The time has yet again come to refresh the crop of Lilly Pulitzer suspenders on offer.  To those of you that have helped sell out all of the styles until this point, thank you!

A few years back Lilly Pulitzer made the error of ending its men’s line.  I’ve asked a number of people at the brand to re-launch the men’s line; but those efforts have been an utter failure.  Can’t win em all.  Admittedly, the line was not for everyone; but for some of us, myself included, it was a beautiful thing.  But anyway, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  In my one man crusade to keep the line going I’ve made a habit of having some suspenders made up with some Lilly Pulitzer fabric.  This time there are 4 styles on offer.

The first style is an adventurous assortment of pink, green, white, blue and yellow.  I believe the pattern is called Big Flirt.

big flirt lilly pulitzer suspenders big flirt suspenders lilly pulitzerThe second offering is perhaps the most toned down offering to date, a navy and white wavy pattern; with zebras hidden in it.  I believe this pattern is called Entourage.

entourage navy blue suspenders lilly pulitzer entourage blue lilly pulitzer suspendersNext we have a rather playful pink design which shows some version of a resort-like scene.  The pattern is called Rule Breakers, which I imagine is an allusion to the Breakers in Palm Beach.

rule breakers pink lilly pulitzer suspenders rule breakers pink suspenders lilly pulitzer suspendersFinally we have the classic pink and green that Lilly is so well known for.  I believe this pattern is called Cabana Pink Sunnyside.

cabana pink sunnyside suspenders lilly pulitzer cabana pink sunrise lillly pulitzer suspendersI hope that you find these offerings both attractive and wearable.  It is worth noting that they are honeytraps and go just as well with a blazer as they do a tuxedo.  Please be mindful that because the nature of the fabric and patterns, no two pair will be alike.

The cost per pair is $95, which includes shipping within the U.S.. For international orders the cost is $120, which also includes shipping. For two pair the price is $175 and $220, respectively. Payment is accepted via cash and PayPal and must be paid before the suspenders are shipped to you.

For questions or inquiries on any of the items, please feel free to comment below or preferably send me an email at and in the title make some note of Lilly Pulitzer Suspender.  Thanks for reading, gentlemen.