Things I Wear: The One Button Special

Things I Wear: The One Button Special


Shirt: My Tailor. Shoes: Stubbs & Wootton. Shorts: Murray’s Toggery. Tote Bag: LL Bean.

I guess this would be another one of my stylistic eccentricities, the list of which seems to be perpetually growing.  ‘This’ being my propensity to only button one button on my shirts at times.  Obviously, this is a circumstantial thing; fashion week being as good as any reason (this was taken after the Marlon Gobel show).  Perhaps for a jaunt around town, or a day at the beach.  But quite honestly, nothing beats it when the weather is nothing but hot and humid.  The ventilation is second to wearing no shirt at all.  A bit of a state of mind, it also is I suppose.  Or perhaps I’ve gone a step too far…  Or perhaps you’ll just need to try for yourself…  I don’t know about you, but I plan to savor the last few days of summer weather; ‘this’ being but one step in that twelve step plan…