Boardwalk Empire: Episode 2

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 2


As per usual Boardwalk Empire was awesome.  Nucky killed it in his three pieces, as always.  I think his best was the three piece he wore while in jail.  It was peak lapeled and a brown and black check in a very heavy wool.  If you looked closely enough you would see that there was a bit of fabric added to the cuff, it was about an inch in width and seemed to encircle the sleeve 3/4 the way around.  It reminds me of what you would see on a Polo coat (not Polo as in Ralph Lauren but a Polo coat).

One of the things that is so great about Boardwalk Empire is how it fits the dress of a character with his or her role.  Any good show does this well, but I feel Boardwalk is spot on.  For example, take Eli’s outfit when meeting the Commodores friends.   If memory serves me right this is one of the first times Eli has been on screen fully dressed and not in his Sheriffs uniform (it may have been the first actually).  Symbolic this is, no doubt.  You see, Eli is beginning to cross the line between a man of the law by serving as Sheriff and a man of business who is trying to increase his role in the criminal underground or organized crime, liquor importing and politics; a more civilian role requiring a suit, not a Sheriff’s uniform.  But I should further note that Eli was the only of the gentlemen not in a form of semi formal or formal wear.  Yet again symbolic, for he is not cut from the same cloth of the elder gentlemen both literally and figuratively.  And finally, Nucky Thompson for President 2012.