Boardwalk Empire: Episode 7

Boardwalk Empire: Episode 7


To be honest, this week I was far too caught up in the plot to give the style due justice.  Between the failed attempt on Nucky’s life, finding out Miss Schroder’s back story and Agent Van Alden’s increasingly disastrous personal and professional life; Oh, and can someone please get Jimmy’s mom a shrink?  That lady is completely off her rocker.  It was almost too much to handle.

But anyway, I would like to speak on Nucky’s brown check suit.  I believe this is the first time this suit has appeared in the show (most of his suits are worn in multiple episodes).  But what was of more surprise to me was the fact that Nucky was wearing a brown suit during the summer and in town.  Well, only partially at least.  You see, back in the day (ie. 1920) there was no brown in town, at least in London.  If my historical knowledge is correct, and I believe and hope that it is in this case, this was not so much the case in the states where brown was acceptable to be worn in town.  If this is indeed ture then applause to those who have a say in dressing the men of Boardwalk Empire for exploiting this detail.  I find that many times the finer things in life are in the details.

Nucky Thompson for President 2012.