On Bow Ties, Part I…

On Bow Ties, Part I…


I have on occasion discussed the bow tie  with many a gentleman.  The common conclusions that have been reached are that tying a bow tie (like any other tie) is part art and part science.  It is also not for everyone.  Some men shy away from them for a variety of reasons.  But for those who can and do pull off a bow tie the return on ones sartorial investment can be high.  But like many things, doing this properly is combination of things.  First, good taste in tie selection and second, proper assessment of one’s surroundings and circumstances.  Many gents I have conversed with also believe the art of properly wearing and tying a bow tie is a sign of a true gentleman, I believe that correlation is indeed quite high.

Below are a few solid videos and links on tying one’s bow tie.

How To Tie A Bow Tie Diagram

This video features one gentleman tying the bow tie of another gentleman.

This video features a gentleman tying his own bow tie.


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