Making Wee (Happy Monday)

Making Wee (Happy Monday)


It surely isn't style, but it is funny.

OK, so, this picture has nothing to do with style, I know.  But, it makes me laugh and on a Monday like this Monday that’s exactly what I need in my life because the last thing I want to think about is work.  I’m recovering from Newport this weekend (got enough sun for 2 people and sleep for half a person) and can only think about getting to Nantucket on Friday.  Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Anyway, I saw these two guys relieving themselves along the Seine on my last day in Paris, I could not resist taking a picture.  Being discreet was clearly not a concern for these guys, in the five seconds it took me to snap this picture at least six people walked by; good for them.  I just want to know what the one guy is listening to on his iPod.  I hope it is something rebellious and angst ridden, like punk.  However, I am guessing its something more like a Disney soundtrack.  I hope you all find the comedy and joy in this that I do.