On Friends…

On Friends…


Given that this is the 50th post of this blog I would like to take some time to reflect on what I believe to be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable aspects of writing this blog thus far; meeting new people and reconnecting with old friends.  Whether it be people in the menswear industry, fellow bloggers, readers or random new acquaintances I have tried to take pleasure in each relationship.  Many of the people I have met have come from different backgrounds than myself but we are all tied together by a common interest: men’s dress.  Ducks fly together.

As an example I would like to reflect on meeting a fellow blogger, Justin Fitzpatrick, while in London.   Mr. Fitzpatrick is an American in his mid twenties living and working in London (if you find yourself there I recommend you make the trip to Gieves and Hawkes to patronize his shoe shine outpost).  More importantly he writes a blog called The Shoe Snob, it covers everything and anything relating to dress shoes.  It is quite the trove of quality information regarding men’s shoes, I thus recommend giving it a solid read (he is also the person who turned me on to Septieme Largeur).

Over my time in London Mr. Fitzpatrick and I spoke on a few occasions and became familiar with each other.  I learned of his aspiration to found his own shoe company and the motivations behind his dream.  I suspect he will be successful in his venture and I hope to be able to help in some form.  I also learned a lot about shoes and blogging from him.  I hope he learned a few things from me as well; for one of the things most lasting relationships are built on is mutual benefit.

Another great relationship I would like to reflect upon is one in which I did not expect to grow as a result of FYG, as I never expected this gent to be a reader of the blog.  I was on Nantucket for the weekend of the 4th at the Chicken Box one night when a friend whom I had not seen since last summer approached me asking if I was in fact the author of FYG.  I confirmed his suspicion and I soon found out that Mr. Keady is one my more enthusiastic readers.   This along with a mutual affection for the great sport of lacrosse, the island of Nantucket and The Chicken Box cemented our friendship (or one could argue bromance).  It was one of the highlights of the weekend.  It was great to see that some of the advice imparted on FYG was being received by readers, especially those I did not know about.

I look forward to having more of these types of experiences, for they are of the better rewards of writing this blog.  Please feel free to spread FYG to family, friends and acquaintances.  And as always, please do not hesitate to contact me at FYGblog via Twitter, TheFineYoungGentleman@gmail.com or by leaving comments on the blog.

Ducks Fly Together,