On The Deterioration Of Style And The American Male…

On The Deterioration Of Style And The American Male…


It is no secret that I think the majority of American men are poorly dressed.  I could go on in length as to my view of the causes and resulting symptoms of the problem, however, I will save my words for another time and share with you the words of a friend and well dressed gentleman, Oliver Dutton.  Although Oliver’s reasonings are slightly different than mine I cannot help but agree with him on all three accounts (with the exception that a backwards hat from your club or school (preferably high school) will not go out of style regardless of your age and some tattoos do have a deep rooted and justifiable meaning).  Oliver is a few years my senior and as a result has lived long enough to see the sartorial downfall of the American man occur so I do trust his thoughts and words on the matter.  I hope you will as well.

I also believe that three styles that contributed to the rapid deterioration of style and the American male are the following:

1. The backward baseball cap. On a male over twenty-four years old is a sign of arrested development.

2. The other phenomenon of males walking around with their underwear showing has just devastated an entire generation of males. (Did you know that this style was adapted from prison life as a way of showing sexual availability among inmates?)

3. The other is the tattoo. This a primitive activity and leaves me wondering if the male has no other way to communicate. What do you do with it five years later?