Orange & Purple & Things…

Orange & Purple & Things…


A few of my favorite things here…  A pocket Square, a silk knit tie, braces and the colors of orange and purple.  The combination is perhaps a little too matching, however.  As ideally one wants to have their pocket square complement their tie and braces as opposed to completely match them, especially in their dominant colors.  So I am not sure if the pocket square will be paired with the tie and braces again, but I am glad I at least tried.  Sometimes you have to try before you know what works and what doesn’t.  The purple braces and orange tie will be seen together again, however, as they are two of my favorite colors to pair together.  And in case you were wondering, the ice cream sundaes were delicious.


  1. Not trying to be too picky, but you might want to watch the typographical errors in your posts. In this one, “to matching” should have been “too matching,” and “compliment their tie” should have been “complement their tie.” In the spirit of “God is in the details,” thought you’d want to know, since it’s the little details that combine to create a sense of impeccable style.

    • LAStyleGuy,
      Thanks for the heads up. Admittedly, some posts I put out in a rush and miss some edits I should make. If you see any going forward feel free to give me a heads up.