FYG Via Style.com/Intermix

FYG Via Style.com/Intermix


Last Wednesday I attended an event for the launch of Style.com/Print (Style.com’s recently launched glossy magazine.  Yeah, I know what your thinking, and yeah, they started a magazine during a time it seems most magazines are fighting to stay in print).  The event was hosted by Intermix and Mastercard and took place at Intermix’s Meatpacking District store.  Naturally, there was a photographer on hand who happened to take a few photos of myself and a friend of FYG blog/WWD staffer.  Admittedly, Intermix is far from my tastes (and there was no men’s clothing) but there were still some items of quality and good taste and not to mention a great group of girls from Style.com and Women’s Wear Daily.  I am very curious to see how Style.com’s endeavour will fare.  Personally, I’m rooting for them and the first issue shows promise.

Classic navy and white. Note the solid navy silk knit tie knotted in a not so orthodox way and the engine turned monogrammed belt buckle.