Thanks To The Sponsors

Thanks To The Sponsors


I would be remiss if I did not give proper thanks to those who have supported my efforts here at FYGblog over the past few months.  A while back you will have noticed that I decided to take on sponsors for the blog.  I did so only once a few criteria were met.  First, that I have reviewed the products from any given brand that was to be a sponsor.  Second, that I felt comfortable that said brand offered men a good value for their money and that I feel comfortable sending both friend, family and readers to the brands; whether or not they are a sponsor.

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I can say with the utmost confidence that both MyTailor and CottonWork (and Butler Luxury previously) meet both of these criteria.  MyTailor (reviewed here) offers some of the best custom suits (and shirts) around and at their price point I have yet to find a brand to equal MyTailor’s quality and fit.  CottonWork (reviewed here) offers some of, if not the best, custom shirts online.  I have yet to have a request for a special modification or measurement be not met from either brand, which is something I cannot say for many other places I have acquired clothes from.  Anyway, at the risk of sounding too positive about something I will stop talking.  If you may have any questions about either brand (or any other brand you see mentioned on the site) please feel free to inquire with myself ( or the brands themselves.