The Blogroll Needs Updating…

The Blogroll Needs Updating…


Simple.  Time to update the blog roll.  Needless to say this is long overdue.  I’ve been checking into some of these blogs regularly for well over a year now and some of the others are newer on my reading list.  Ivy Style is in my opinion one of the best blogs out there on menswear, it focuses on all things ‘Ivy.’  Mr. Chensvold is no amateur.  The Trad is written by a former soldier who doesn’t mind the occasional indulgence in alcohol and writing.  It also has one of the best taglines I have ever read ‘Not as good as it was.  Better than it will be.’  I do try to be more optimistic than that but perhaps Tin Tin is right.  Parisian Gentleman is written in French and translated to English.  The content is solid and centers around matters of more classic men’s dress.  Mr Jacomet is also an avid Cifonelli fan, which after visiting the factory and meeting with Massimo Cifonelli I cannot blame him.  Panhandle Prep is a new comer through and through.  Mr. Atwood started his blog a few weeks ago and is chronicling life in the Texas panhandle with a dash of prep.  Much like The Trad a unique, personal and well spoken perspective is taken.  I highly recommend a stop by each of these to see if they suit your tastes, enjoy.




  1. I don’t wish to seem like a prude, but I thought you should know that your Panhandle Prep link leads to some kind of porn site. I’m sure this wasn’t you’re intent, which is why I thought you would care to know about this issue so that you could remove or fix the link. Best regards.

      • Thank you for taking my comment. I apologize for my typo, I usually never make the “your/you’re” mistake. You have a very knowledgeable blog.