Far Hills Hunt: What To Wear

Far Hills Hunt: What To Wear


Far Hills Hunt

The Far Hills Hunt?  Well, technically is the Far Hills Race, bbbuuutttt, I’ve never heard anyone call it that.  In these parts it’s known solely as ‘The Hunt.’  In short, it’s what you get when you put a few thousand kids with half their weight in booze in a field surrounded by horse races.  Which, mind you, are far from the forefront of most of our minds.  As the other type of riding is really much more entertaining.  The only question is figuring out who’s going to be the jockey first…

Anyway, I am not normally a fan of promoting or talking about events like this on the blog, as this is the last place you should find out about something like this.  But, as always, there are exceptions.  Perhaps the title is deceiving, I am not going to tell you what to wear, again, this is the last place you should find out about something like that.  You either know or don’t know.  But, given these treacherous weather conditions I feel it is prudent to offer a few bits of advice (or check subsequently published post with photos from this years event).

1.  Wear boots.  Ones that can trudge through copious amounts of mud, beer and more mud.  Think wellies and Bean Boots.

2.  Don’t wear anything that you would not want to get ruined.  It would be naive of one to think that you leave the field as clean as you entered.

3.  Dress in a manner becoming of a gentleman or lady.  Leave the t-shirts and excessive cleavage at home (for exception see #4).

4.  Don’t be the jackass who takes his shirt off.  At last years race circa 5pm I saw a few malcontents do that, it is far from what is appropriate and/or necessary.  Obviously, this does not apply to the fairer sex.

5.  Keep a flask within arms reach.  They are the mark of a seasoned veteran.  No further explanation should be needed.

6.  A tailgate can never have too much food or booze.

7.  Your cell phone will not work, as the networks are overloaded with thousands girls trying to load #selfies of them and their sorority sisters to Instagram and Facebook.  #ThisIsMyNightmare

8.  Do not play top 40 music at your tailgate.  Just don’t.  Rihanna and horse races just don’t go together.  Save it for your party bus.

9.  I’ve heard rumors that any ‘Occupiers’ are to be shot on sight.  What?

10.  You are there to have fun.  So treat others with respect and kindness and hopefully they will do the same to you.

See you there,

Justin L Jeffers